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Gila River Health Care     Gila River Districts, AZ
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Administers advanced life support care to sick and injured persons to stabilize, evacuate and transport them to an appropriate medical facility by performing the following duties personally. Responsible for ensuring that all critical tasks are fulfilled on a timely basis.

+ Maintains proficiency in cardiology, pharmacology, acute medicine, advanced airway and respiratory therapies, trauma, burns, orthopedic injuries, triage, extrication, and fluid resuscitation.

+ Adheres to Universal Precautions when dealing with patients and all other individuals.

+ Accurately assesses nature and extent of illness or injury to establish and prioritize medical procedures to be followed, or need for additional assistance.

+ Utilizes a wide array of diagnostic, treatment and monitoring equipment/materials to assure accurate pre-hospital diagnoses and safe transport of all patients.

+ Restores and stabilizes heart rhythm on pulseless, nonbreathing patients.

+ Monitors trauma, critical and cardiac patients while responding to symptoms and data palliatively and appropriately prior to hospital arrival.

+ Initiates intravenous fluids to administer medication or drugs, or to replace fluids lacking in body.

+ Performs endotracheal intubation to open airways and ventilate patient.

+ Administers injections of medications and drugs when appropriate and necessary.

+ Inflates pneumatic anti-shock garment on patient to improve blood circulation.

+ Ensures that all medications are used properly and without error.

+ Maintains control of response locations and coordination of activities as the primary provider at emergency locations.

+ Coordinates work with other emergency medical team members and police and fire department personnel.

+ Administers initial treatment at emergency scene and takes and records patient's vital signs.

+ Assists in extricating trapped victims and transports sick and injured persons to treatment center.

+ Observes, records, and reports on patient's condition and reaction to drugs, treatments, and significant incidents.

+ Decontaminates emergency vehicles following treatment of patients, particularly those with infectious diseases, and reports such cases to proper authorities.

+ Keeps current on treatment techniques, protocol changes, and application of new drugs, material, and equipment.

+ Prepares required reports and maintains records of activities.

+ Provides ongoing patient and family medical/health education and advocacy outside of emergency care.

+ Requisitions and restocks supplies, material, and equipment.

+ Provides capability and skill development to Emergency Medical Technicians.

+ Performs all responsibilities in a highly safe manner by staying aware of hazards including vehicle traffic, dangerous conditions, and combative and/or dangerous individuals.

+ Demonstrates ability to regularly change priorities to accomplish all tasks despite frequent interruptions.

+ Demonstrates ability to clearly communicate, both orally and in writing, while performing all essential functions.

+ Performs other special projects and duties as assigned.

+ High school graduation at a minimum.

+ National Registry Paramedic Certification and/or AzDHS Paramedic state license.

+ ACLS, PALS, ICS 100, 200, 700, 800 certifications.

+ ITLS or AMLS course completion is preferred as well as MAG300 and 400 advanced NIMS training.

+ Demonstrated ability to relate to diverse cultures and specifically the Gila River Community and/or other Native American cultures.

+ Interest in medical subjects, patient services/care, and customer service.

+ Prior medical environment work experience is preferred.

Department: Emergency Med Serv

Job ID: 2022-9143

Post End Date: 10/8/2022

Shift: Varied

Email Address: yjones@GRHC.ORG

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