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WBE EMCC Children’s Ministry Internship
Estrella Mountain Community College     El Mirage, AZ 85335

At Hope Women’s Center, we engage, encourage, and equip women and teen girls by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support. During your internship, you will have the opportunity to do each of these things while earning college credit!


All work will take place at 12101 NW Grand Ave, El Mirage AZ. The center is open Tuesday through Thursday from 9am-2pm.


The internship will require you to be present one to two days a week during class hours (9am-1pm). We are happy to work around student schedules and other commitments. The program is designed as a fourteen-week program, where you will spend 4-20 hours a week fulfilling your specific hour requirement.

We ask that you keep the same schedule throughout the semester or summer and that you serve the same number of hours each week. This will create continuity with the clients and classes, allowing you to get the most out of the program.


Number of Hours per Week: 10
Duration of Internship: 14 Weeks


Are we a good fit? Our program is a good fit for female students seeking degrees or minors in:

Children’s Ministry
Christian Studies
Cross-Cultural Ministry
Family studies
Social Work
Urban Ministry

Applications MUST include a resume and cover letter. Please email your resumes and cover letters for review to


WIRCCS Scholarship Eligible! This unpaid internship qualifies for the Work Internships Ready Community College Students Scholarship, which provides a $500 award. Please contact the Internship Coordinator with questions at


Duties and Responsibilities:
This internship program is divided into five subsections in order for you to have broad exposure to the dynamic non-profit ministry world. A sixth sub-section may apply to your experience. Once you start with us, you will find that, even though each staff member has specific job responsibilities, they are flexible and willing to jump in and fill in the gaps.

Assist in the childcare room: We offer childcare for children up to age 5. This is where the position will be primarily focused. You will have an opportunity to run a creative activity for the children, manage the childcare room operations, and form meaningful relationships with the kids we serve each day.

Teach a class: At Hope, we offer a wide variety of classes, ranging from health classes to Bible studies to parenting classes to ESL. After training, you will have access to our extensive curriculum to help you develop a class! Your class will be 4-8 weeks long, taught in 1-hour sessions in an area you are familiar with based on your major/minor. Examples: If you are a ministry student, you could teach a faith-based class; if you are a family studies student, you could teach a class to promote positive family interactions; if you are a counseling or psychology student, you could teach a healthy decision-making class or a parenting class, etc. Preparation is imperative for the success of your class.

Client Interaction: The front desk, lobby area, and store can get very busy! When children are not on site, it is important that volunteers and interns are focused on the clients in the center. This will include greeting clients, checking them in and out, welcoming and orienting new clients, and helping with food and material assistance.

Work in the Background: Hope receives a large amount of donations, which we sort and place in the store. We also keep records that must be properly stored. You will spend a portion of your time each week sorting donations, stocking the store, filing paperwork, and entering data into our database when children are not present.

Nitty Gritty: As a non-profit, we do our own midweek cleaning and set-up for events. We will ask for help as needed for this.


Minimum Requirements:
- Currently enrolled or continuing at EMCC
- Minimum 2.5 GPA
- Must be 18 years or older
- Positive, friendly attitude

Recommended: A fingerprint clearance card is recommended, but if you don’t have one, we can supply a background check.

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While all employers are vetted to meet the Maricopa Guidelines, the job postings are not individually reviewed. Students should be diligent in ensuring they are applying for positions that meet their needs and are not in violation of the Maricopa guidelines.