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Learn how to design, develop, or repair high-tech equipment and processes while getting hands-on, on-the-job experience.

Help people, serve your community, and improve the lives of those in need with a rewarding career in healthcare, counseling, criminal justice, and more.

We’ve designed our Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management pathway to give you the knowledge and experience you need to be an economic and social leader at every level of your career.

Get the knowledge and real-world experience you need to excel in gaming, programming, tech support, web design, and more.

Tackle complex global issues in a wide range of fulfilling career fields, from communication and sociology to history, economics, and beyond.

If you love learning and want to help students discover their potential, start your career as a teacher, instructional designer, school administrator, workplace trainer, and more.

Get the comprehensive training you need to help people live better, safer, healthier lives when you pursue a career as a nurse, EMT, physical therapist, personal trainer, and more.

Creatively solve problems and explore new frontiers with a challenging STEM career. You’ll gain research and design skills in fields like medicine, engineering, IT, and beyond.

Unleash your creativity while honing your craft as you pursue a career in visual art, design, dance, music, fashion, film, or theatre.

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