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Applied technology e6e58379440149e722c8dc34befb3a661a54a556af7f01027da67e0242dc7b29

Learn how to design, develop, or repair high-tech equipment and processes while getting hands-on, on-the-job experience.

Behavioral science human services ee8e43cff633204e36e0abfea74eb5d557ba99248dd851f9c2870fae47d4bc93

Help people, serve your community, and improve the lives of those in need with a rewarding career in healthcare, counseling, criminal justice, and more.

Business entrepreneurialism management c68f83f9346e6aec86872f4b028775cfcfee33548ba3d3a8a0e7de719a62a951

We’ve designed our Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management pathway to give you the knowledge and experience you need to be an economic and social leader at every level of your career.

Computer information technology 80a1bf64ddb1fb0874002d684766269ed7fa7d416dfa2bc5bba0fb7b67142122

Get the knowledge and real-world experience you need to excel in gaming, programming, tech support, web design, and more.

Culture society 22870b0fecc91d464c445e8e5daf3c861423c5235db1503565b7f5802fe5659f

Tackle complex global issues in a wide range of fulfilling career fields, from communication and sociology to history, economics, and beyond.

Education 1722752d0654faf75d62e4498afbafd5da26846d4d216214e75f402eb9dc8899

If you love learning and want to help students discover their potential, start your career as a teacher, instructional designer, school administrator, workplace trainer, and more.

Health sciences d6ed8e3f58a9cb84ceda749fca05e4b20a24907a69ec60d56df2d7fcf16fd369

Get the comprehensive training you need to help people live better, safer, healthier lives when you pursue a career as a nurse, EMT, physical therapist, personal trainer, and more.

Science technology engineering mathematics 103c6ae9f30002f536be9ff9b8de4d2ac7c95210e33a6eb4ee6d1ba75422b332

Creatively solve problems and explore new frontiers with a challenging STEM career. You’ll gain research and design skills in fields like medicine, engineering, IT, and beyond.

Visual performing arts d8a1c9c7da11e014bf1d38b0ac645371e5251fad9f2ff1fec6e3fdccb6304173

Unleash your creativity while honing your craft as you pursue a career in visual art, design, dance, music, fashion, film, or theatre.

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