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Education Simplified

Education is all about learning the skills and competencies for the job role. Students, Graduates and Job Seekers can acquire these skills through degree programs, certifications, past experiences, or work based learning programs or any combination of these options. See below for relevant direction and understanding.

Certifications & Competencies

You can earn a certification to prove that you have a package of skills for a certain area within IT/Cyber for example: Google IT Support Specialist, CompTia A+ or Network+. Some entry-level certifications can be earned as and built upon as early as high school.

Degree Programs

Two and Four year degree programs are a great way to get a comprehensive education which will include thorough education and theory and rigorous training to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to find an entry-level position within the IT/Cyber industry. In some cases college courses and credit can be earned while in high school. These classes are typically called dual or concurrent enrollment classes because you earn both high school and college credit at the same time.


Whether it’s a part-time job, full time job, freelance work, or a work based learning experience nothing will teach you real-world experience like on-the-job-training. These experiences or soft skills that are earned include not only technical skills but skills like teamwork, customer service, communication and problem solving. These soft skills are important and necessary for most IT/Cyber jobs.

On Your Own

There are so many resources for learning some basic skills and competencies in the IT/Cyber Industry. Pick up a book on Amazon, search industry blogs and websites or browse some of the popular websites as these are all great online tools to start identifying and learning skills today!